Walk and talk therapy

Have you ever walked with a friend, talking and listening together and covered mile after mile with ease? Walk and talk therapy is therapy over the phone, whilst getting some exercise and enjoying the outdoors. What’s not to like? It could benefit you if you need a bit of space to talk away from your loved ones. Perhaps, you need to or choose to shield from the coronavirus.

Walk and talk therapy provides an opportunity for you to talk and me to listen. It also triggers those lovely endorphins that make you feel great. Outside, there is a greater sense of freedom and possibility, and ideas can flow freely.

This is not a course of psychotherapy but designed as one-off or occasional counselling session to use where you feel drawn to use them. You are welcome to book weekly or fortnightly but if you need to miss weeks it won’t be a problem. We will still need to do a introductory session on the phone so that we can make sure that this is something that will be helpful to you. Once that is completed you will be free to book one of my walking slots when you choose to.

We each walk at our own pace. I positively encourage you choose a walk including with a place to rest on a bench or in a tree. This is exercise as well as therapy, but it is not a push through the wall style workout!

If you would like to arrange for a video call or phone call to discuss this further please book a free 20 minute chat with me. 

Walk and talk therapy works like this:

  1. Before we can work together we will need to have an conversation so that I can take some details and we can discuss whether we can work together in this way.
  2. You schedule an hour long walk using my booking system.
  3. You decide where you want to walk locally to your home and I will walk locally to my home.
  4. The session starts at the arranged time. I will make sure I am ready in plenty of time.
  5. We will communicate by phone using a headset or an earphone throughout. This does not mean constant talking, but keeping the line open throughout so that we can accompany each other.

Please note: In preparation for your walk it is important that you check out the route to ensure you will have a phone signal throughout.

Davina out walking in woods

Safety whilst walking

You will be walking at your own risk. There is lots of safety advice available on the Ramblers website on safety whilst walking including a section on personal safety whilst walking alone. Please make sure you take all sensible precautions.

Safety when wearing headphones whilst walking

To be safe whilst walking it is important to wear headphones that allow the sounds around you, such as approaching traffic to reach your ears. Noise cancellation is not a good idea for safety reasons. Never walk on railway tracks wearing headphones. This comprehensive article in Campfire Magazine has some recommendations at a range of prices.

What if it’s raining or freezing cold?

We will make some contingency arrangements so that we can maintain regular contact. I am happy to do my best to walk no matter the weather and you can make your own decision whether to walk ‘with’ me or not. You can then choose whether to cancel, or whether to meet indoors for a week.