Using email for therapy

It is therapy but with a difference. Using email for therapy sessions is slowed-down therapy! Writing out your thoughts in your own time can really help to sort them out. Maybe you, like me, remember the satisfaction and anticipation when a nice, fat, hand-addressed envelope landed on your doormat in the days before the internet. First a quick scan through perhaps and then a careful re-reading of the letter before considering how to respond with your own letter. Or maybe you have just heard of the joys of letter writing from a parent or grandparent? Well, this is a more private and up-to date version of exchanging those letters. You can work at your own pace and I will write back with my comments, thoughts and questions.

Are you someone who…

–prefers to have the time to reflect on what you want to say
–enjoys expressing yourself in writing
–would like to keep a written record of our work
–need not to or prefer not to communicate in spoken language
–finds it difficult to commit to a regular time for sessions
–would like the flexibility to engage in therapy without having regular appointments

How email therapy works

I will ask you to set up a secure Protonmail email account ahead of our work together. This is available free of charge. I use Protonmail because it is encrypted and secure and this is necessary to protect your privacy.

When we begin I will invite you to email me to give me an overview of what you are concerned about. I will ask you to send your message by a certain date. I will then respond to your message by email.

You may prefer to type your letter as a Word document and attach it to your email, rather than type straight into an email. This will make it easier to avoid any distractions from your inbox.

We will exchange up to three emails per week and you will be given the times when my messages will be sent to you so that you know when to expect them. I will charge weekly.

You can contact me here and then we can have an email conversation to answer any questions you have about how we might be able to work together.

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