Using phone for therapy sessions

You can choose to have therapy by phone. Maybe you are the kind of person who loves long luxurious conversations. You know–those ones with a close friend where you put the world to rights? Maybe you are familiar with the over the hour panic moment on the landline? If this sounds like you then therapy by phone might suit you well.

I am there to support you and to help you explore

There are, of course, big differences between a conversation with a friend and a phone therapy session. For a start, there is no need to worry about listening to me, this call will be all about you. I am there just to focus on you and support you and help you explore. We are going to use the whole session to focus on you rather than the world or other people. We won’t just wander around topics but we will agree what you want to spend the time looking at or exploring each session. There is lots more information about what happens in therapy on this page.

Therapy by phone might suit you if you…

–don’t have a smartphone or a computer
–feel more comfortable using the phone
–lack sufficient broadband speed to connect through the internet
–need to ‘meet’ with me away from home

You need to feel safe and secure during your therapy sessions

When we do therapy sessions by phone it is important for you to be in a place where you have privacy and will not be seen by others or overheard. Also you will need to feel safe & secure and to know that you won’t be disturbed. In addition you need to be comfortable so don’t perch on a hard chair but snuggle up on an easy chair or a sofa, maybe with a cosy blanket. This is your time to focus on you so it’s also helpful to plan to avoid as many distractions or interruptions as possible.

Hands holding a coffee mug

If you would like to arrange for me to phone you to discuss this further please book a free 20 minute chat with me Please supply your phone number and write in the comment section that you would prefer me to phone rather than meet you on Zoom.

Useful extras for your phone therapy sessions

It can be good not to have to hold the phone up to your ear throughout but to use headphones. This will make it easier for you and keep it more confidential. It probably won’t work well just to use the loudspeaker function on the phone. The microphones on these can be less sensitive and you won’t, maybe, want to be speaking too loudly. Most modern phones have a socket for headphones.

If you are going to ‘meet’ me away from home it is important that you ensure you have a good enough mobile signal before the call. Also ensure you have sufficient charge in your phone. A useful gadget might be a portable power bank.