Secure and encrypted communication tools

Each of my services uses secure and encrypted communication tools. Which service you choose will depend on your preferences about how you want to communicate with me. When we work online I will work with you in the same way and with as much care as I would if we were meeting in person. Although we will not be physically in the same room we will still agree to work together in a particular time, place and within the agreed limits of confidentiality. You will know in advance how much time we have together.

Working online is not a new way to work but one that has been practised by therapists for many years. However, some of the tools we can use for therapy sessions, in particular the use of video meetings (Zoom etc.) have become much easier to access and use so more and more people are opting for the convenience of meeting their therapists online. For me, this is not a ‘bolt-on’ extra to my face to face service but simply the way I work and so it is very carefully designed to be as safe and secure for you as possible.

Which secure communication tool would you prefer to use?

The communication method can affect the practicalities around the way that online therapy works.

Not sure which way of working online will suit you best?

Use my assessment quiz: Which kind of online therapy? to find out.

Using video calls is closest, perhaps, to meeting in person. Working by telephone is also very similar as we are interacting throughout the session in the same way.

We will both need to be in places where we cannot be overheard and we won’t be disturbed. I encourage you to set yourself up a comfortable and secure place to use each week.

Using email is different in that we will be focusing on your concerns at separate times. It will still be important you you to have a comfortable and secure place to use for both writing and reading our messages.

All my online therapy uses secure, encrypted systems

I use secure and encrypted communication tools for all my online work. You can read my privacy statement here, which includes all the details of this. So you can expect in online therapy, as in face to face therapy to have private, safe and confidential space to for our sessions.

Have a look at the information for the way of working that you are interested in. To find out more you are welcome to book a free 20 minute chat with me.