Frequently asked questions about therapy with Davina

Is it confidential?

Our sessions are confidential which means I don’t talk to anyone at all about what you tell me. However this confidentiality does have some limits. So in fact, everything is confidential between you and me unless…

  • I become concerned, because of something you tell me, of a serious risk to your safety or someone else’s safety then I will need to break confidentiality in order to get some support in place for you or for them.
  • There are some situations under the law, to do with serious crime, that mean I would be required to inform the authorities about something you tell me about.
  • I am required to share our session notes with a court of law.

You also need to be aware that I have clinical supervision from an experienced and qualified colleague and this means I talk about all of my work with my supervisor. I do not name you or identify you to them. This supervision is about making sure that I am working safely and ethically and all therapists have a supervisor.

Do you write about our sessions?

I will record some information about you, in various ways both through this website, the bookings process and our sessions. I will store and take care of this according to the law and the requirements of my ethical framework.

There is useful information on this in my privacy statement which is available here.

How secure are the video meetings?

No method of meeting with your counsellor is 100% secure, even if you meet in person, however there are measures that can be taken to greatly reduce the risk of a breach. The video meeting systems I use have a standard of data security and confidentiality. No audio or video data is stored anywhere and is all encrypted. Access to private meetings is secured and controlled. I use Cliniko and V-See which are both designed for healthcare use and so are compliant with all required standards for this.

Can I use Skype, What’s App or Zoom for my sessions?

I know that using what you are familiar with might seem easier for you, however I would very much prefer to be using the same system for all my clients. However, if this is worrying for you please do talk to me and we can discuss your preference.